Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Gadget Queen

If there were a self-help group for kitchen gadget addicts, I would have to join. If I see or hear about some new, can't live without kitchen appliance, I have to have it. It's the law. Or at least it seems to be in my house.
The restaurant-style deep fryer--got it. It's somewhere in the cabinet.
The latest smoothie maker, better than a blender--got it. It's somewhere in the cabinet, or perhaps in the closet.
The top of the line ice cream maker--got it. It's somewhere. . . . OK, it's not completely my fault that I don't use this. The canister never got completely frozen in my freezer.
The immersible blender--got it. At first, this seems like a wonderful idea. Perhaps it's me, but I could never get it to work without splashing stuff all over the stove and walls.
The Magic Bullet--got it. This one I use! It did take some getting used to, but at least I use it.

This doesn't include the assorted things I have in the cabinet above the stove. To be honest, I'm not sure what's there anymore, but there's enough stuff crammed in that cabinet that my spices fall out. I do recall small chopper/blender combinations that never worked in my real life the way they did in television presentations. Oh, and there are the Kitchen Aid mixer and Cuisinart food processor on my counter. They get used, occasionally. But they do look good on my counter.
What do I blame for this addiction? Chef catalog, QVC, and me. OK, it's probably me.

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